Workday Rota

All work mornings begin at 10am. Tea, coffee, and biscuits will be provided as well as gloves, goggles and tools as required. Work tasks may occasionally vary from those listed but the meeting place will always be as shown.  To see the rota, please click on the PDF link shown below.

Workday Rota Aug-Dec 2018 (PDF File)

Over the year workday activities include:

  • Keeping paths clear
  • Litter picking
  • Improvement and repair of footpaths and walkways
  • Survey of flora and fauna
  • Butterfly surveys
  • Clearing of overgrown areas
  • Repair of fences
  • Clearing of ditches
  • Clearing ponds
  • Coppicing of small trees
  • Replacing damaged seats
  • Brush cutting
  • Newt survey

If you are interested in joining one of our work parties, please e-mail us on fodnw@outlook.com.