The Constitution of Friends of Darrick and Newstead Woods

The Constitution of the Friends of Darrick & Newstead Woods & Common as amended March 2018



Article 1

Name: The group will be called the Friends of Darrick & Newstead Woods & Common.


Organisation: The Friends of Darrick & Newstead Woods & Common is a non-profit making organisation


Article 2

The aims and objectives of the Friends will be as follows:


  • To help to secure and promote the conservation and protection of Darrick & Newstead Woods & Common. To monitor its plants animals and wildlife habitats and maintain and improve its biodiversity.
  • To promote its use as a place for quiet, informal enjoyment, recreation and study.
  • To help with practical conservation through voluntary action for the benefit of wildlife and the community under the supervision of the London Borough of Bromley’s Parks and Green Space Contractors and its professional officers.
  • To assist in providing an educational experience for the general public in the history, natural history and biodiversity of Darrick & Newstead Woods & Common.
  • To seek funding or donations to further activities which meet the above aims and objectives.


Article 3

Membership will be open to anyone interested in promoting the aims of the Friends group.  Applicants for membership shall normally become members upon submission of their application form with or without a voluntary donation. Membership shall be renewed annually.

Renewals should be received by 30th April and will last for one year.

Membership will entitle each individual in the household over the age of 16 the right to vote.

At its discretion the committee may refuse to admit an applicant.



Article 4

Monies raised from donations, gifts, or grants awarded to the group shall be used for the express purposes of pursuing the aims and objectives of the Friends of Darrick & Newstead Woods.

The committee is empowered to pursue or make applications for grants to secure funds to support the Friends planned activities and may take whatever steps are necessary to meet the requirements of the awarding bodies.

No persons representing the Friends shall make or enter into any agreement with any persons or organisation that may incur a financial liability save for those purposes as agreed by the committee as necessary to carry out the objectives of the group.


Article 5

Management of the group

The management committee will consist of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and at least two other members.

The management committee shall be responsible for the day to day running of the organisation in accordance with its articles and will be answerable to members.

A quorum shall be four members of the committee present.

The committee shall have the power to co-opt.

The committee shall normally meet at least three times a year.

Representatives of the London Borough of Bromley’s  Parks and Green Space Contractors  shall be invited to attend committee meetings in an advisory capacity.

The Chairman will have a second and casting vote.


Article 6

Duties of the committee

To keep a register of the Friends of Darrick & Newstead Woods & Common.

To operate a bank or building society account to facilitate deposit and withdrawal of funds.  Three officers of the committee will have signing powers in regard to account operation.  Any two signatures may be used to effect withdrawal of funds.

Following election at AGM, members of Management Committee will elect from their number people to act for the following year as Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. No committee officer will normally serve more than three years in the same office but in the event of no-one coming forward, the current officers can serve for one more year, during which time another person willing to take on the duties must be found.


Article 7

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in March of each year, with not less than 14 days notice given.

The agenda will include:

  • Minutes of the previous AGM
  • Chairman’s report
  • Treasurer’s statement including independently examined accounts, examined in January every year by any two ordinary members elected at the previous AGM.
  • Election of committee members for the following year:- Nominations for committee members should be received by the Secretary before the published date of the AGM but can be accepted at the meeting at the discretion of the Chair. Nominations shall be supported by 2 members and signed by the nominee indicating willingness to serve.

The activities of the group shall be approved at the AGM.

Decisions needing a vote shall be decided by a simple majority of those members present, the Chairman having a second and casting vote.

Voting rights shall be restricted to members of the group over the age of 16 years and each member shall have one vote.


Article 8

Amendments to the constitution can only be made at the AGM or at an Extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM).  Proposed amendments must be circulated at least 21 days before the General Meeting at which they are to be considered, and must be approved by a majority of those members present. A minimum of 4 members may request an EGM.


Article 9

The Friends of Darrick & Newstead Woods & Common will be dissolved if a resolution to that effect receives a majority of those present at either an Annual or Extra-ordinary General Meeting.

In the event that fewer than four people can be found to form the management Committee then the chairman must call a General Meeting and table a dissolution resolution.

In the event that the friends of Darrick & Newstead Woods & Common ceases to operate, the Committee is given the right to assign any or all assets held by the group to a successor group or another local group with similar aims or a charity if required.