Saplings by Janey Marriott – 08 January 2019


For the past 4/5 years I have been watering young trees in my road. It is a sad sight to see saplings struggling then dying because of the lack of water. We are fortunate to have a Council that so readily responds to the request for trees to be planted on our roadsides. The introduction of the green bags around newly planted trees has puzzled me; I couldn’t see how it helped with the retention of water and it certainly wasn’t to protect  them from any passing deer. I have however, recently discovered how they work. Down one side is a double layer of the green material; in my years of watering, I had not noticed it; this double layer opens up  to form a “sack” into which water can be poured;  the water then seeps slowly through the bottom enabling more efficient hydration of the tree. May I encourage everyone to look out for saplings in their area and give them the occasional good watering; in the height of the summer when there has been little or no rain, it is particularly important to give young trees sufficient water so that the water can seep down into the roots. You are then likely to be rewarded by a happy, healthy, adult tree to bring pleasure for years to come.

Janey Marriott